W1WRA'S Floobydust



“Floobydust” is an old term that was invented here at National, a phrase coined by Dennis Bohn, meaning “miscellaneous” or “potpourri” – a “Mixed bag.”

Bob Pease

This will be where I will post my floobydust.

I have been a licensed Amateur Radio Operator since 1999. I enjoy listening to medium-wave and short-wave radio, FM broadcast radio, police scanners, etc.

I also enjoy playing with Software Defined Radio. My main HF ham radio is a Flex Radio Flex-6600. I also like experimenting with HackRF , PlutoSDR, and various SDR dongles in both Linux (mostly) and Windows. Some of the SDR software I tinker with is GNURadio, SDRAngel, sdr++, OpenWebRX, and others.

I like to tinker with the M17 digital voice protocol for VHF and higher.

You can follow me on Mastodon ( <mastodon.radio/@w1wra> ).

Besides radio, I like to tinker with electronics and play around with test equipment.

I have been a long-time Linux user since the mid-1990s. I have run Linux from 68000 processors, 486 (and beyond) x86 architectures, SPARC, ALPHA, ARM, etc.